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Why, hello. My name 'tis Nicole (a.k.a. Nikki; a.k.a. Nik; a.k.a. that "quiet" girl) and I am an amateur manga-enthusiast with absolutely no plans in life '.'.'.'" \('u' \) have some confetti to celebrate my passionate goals, broyo.

I really, really love drawing, and I have since as early as I can remember :3 I hope to make manga one day, but I have no idea how to get there, so if that doesn't work out, the plan is the become some unknown maid who wanders the town and spews random wisdom to passers-by. I like cleaning, dontcha know

Most important of all my traits:

Princess Peach Toadstool controls my life :D :D

I'm one of those obsessed fans that will include their favorite character in everything they do, become giddy when they appear somewhere, pair them with everyone, and so on and so forth ^u^ But I understand not everyone likes her, so I promise (maybe) to not freak out if you tell me she sucks at life

Overall, I wanted to join Deviantart because I have always been inspired by the artists here, and I wanted to join the community, meet new people, and inspire others, as well |:3

Fare decently, good ladies and gents! 'u'
Once upon a time, I created a DeviantArt account so I could become a cool person

All was well and wonderful for my young, excited self as I began posting my artwork and clicking the favorite button for all in sight

Then the tragedy of all ages occurred...

I didn't feel like committing to the website anymore

Because I was lazy

And played too much Pokemon

And Harvest Moon

And fell in Love

And then out of love

And then back in love, because I am a teenager, and that's what teenagers do

And then I found out I like baking

And people are pretty cool, too

And then one day I thought, "Oh! I like drawing, and I like DeviantArt, and I have, like, an account, and, like, I should, like, use it sometime,"

And so, with a smile on my face and a kinda determined mindset to become a good member, I came back to this world

The End

Here, have a homemade pretzel:

2014090195135757 by PaperAndPancakes

I also wanted to bug the artists that I want to make more arts (') v (')

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